Who we are

"I was raised here in Maremma during my wonderful summer holidays with my parents. Here I met my wife Beatrice, and here my 2 sons Edoardo and Francesco, like me, spent their childhood and their best summer holidays. And it is right here, in these territories, that from wine enthusiast, I have become a wine producer in the conviction that to hand down the Maremma’s values and the prestigious products that it houses, We need to go back to its roots that sink deep into the same vinified dirt that was used since the Etruscans. I chose to produce in the name of quality, presenting attention to the principles of biological farming, constantly searching for elegance, originality and modernity, letting the rural knowledge and mastery of our land guide. Everyday I work, as it has always been for me, on every product of the Santa Beatrice Farm, so that you can find that authentic Maremma taste and the taste of your youth memories and dreams."

Enrico Marcora

Surrounded by the charming landscape of the Maremma Toscana, Santa Beatrice Farm is a small reality focused on local gastronomy and wine production and service, bonded to the roots of the land and what it represents. Populated first by the Etruscans and then by the Romans, the area along which the company’s vineyard, olive grove and nut grove extends, is able to fascinate for its history and peculiarities. It’s products, authentic as the people that put effort into them, are the fruit of patient work of the land and of the people that work at it. To taste at its fullest the taste of our wines, olive oil, jams and soups, come meet us in person, you will always be welcomed!